The cable car in Alanya

The cable car in Alanya: “Alanya Teleferik”

Convenience and speed of climbing to the top of the mountain, where Alanya fortress is located, one of the main historical monuments of the 13th century, are the main factors that have earned tourists a love for a new and fast type of transport. The cable car that connects Damlatash beach to the top of the cliff has for many years been a dream not only of tourist companies but also of the city administration: on top is an open-air museum, houses of local residents, private villas, hotels, restaurants and shops. The construction of the cable car began in 2016, and on August 20, 2017, the grand opening of Alanya Teleferik took place.

Funicular works daily:

• on weekdays from 09.30 to 18.00 in the winter and until 20.00 in the summer

• on weekends from 09.30 to 18.00 in the winter and until 21.30 in the summer

A full round-trip adult ticket costs 18 TL, for students (students and students: they need to show a student card) the cost is 10 TL.

A full ticket for an adult in only one direction costs 14 TL, for children and students – 8 TL. Travel round-trip around the adult will cost cheaper – in 18 TL.

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