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First you must Which is issued for a period of two year at most, foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey or will establish a business or commercial connections in Turkey should submit the following documents to the relevant Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration.

Initial Application;

  • Residence permit application form
  • The original and a copy of the passport
  • Four passport-size photographs
  • Statement of Bank account ( 5.000 € )
  • Official document regarding the applicant’s ownership of the residence
  • Rentel agreement
  • Valid medical insurance
  • Turkish tax number
  • Application fee – tax fee

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Foreigners have two options to obtain a mortgage in Turkey. The first option is to go bank by yourself and make application. Second option is to speak with the lawyer and give him power of attorney to deal with your application.

The Bank will prepare all documents which must be in the official language of the country which the citizen will be residing in. All documents must be translated into Turkish and then must be notarized. The final stage is to obtain permission from the relevant authorities before the sale can be finalished. The above will proceed by yourself or through a lawyer. The Documents you will need to provide are writen below;

+ Pasport or Driving license

+ Salary income or Salary papers

+ Tax identification document

+ Certificate of residence

+ Information about your profession and business contact information[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What is Tapu ?”]tapu

Tapu – is the only document to prove ownership of a property in Turkey.it is the title deed. This is a offical Document which will be handed to you after complication of the sale . All copys are kept at the land registration office. Buyer will receive their Tapu only after payment of the full value of the property.

1. Photos of all owners are located in the upper right corner of the document tapu, they must be sealed with the seal by an official cadastral office chamber.
2. Province / administrative center
3. District
4. Region
5. Village
6. Street
7. Area
8. The sheet number of the cadastral plan / drawing
9. Cadastral number of the array / quarter
10 Number of the land
11.Purpose of the use (agricultural, for the settlement, forest, defense, etc.)
12.Plot sizes expressed as integers in hectares
13.Plot sizes expressed as integers in meters
14.Plot sizes expressed as integers in dm

This process is followed by the experienced staff of the PRATIK REAL ESTATE team.
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+  Birth certificate and photocopy

+ 1 passport-size photos (3.5 x 4.5cm)

+ Turkish identity number

+ Photocopy of title deed

+ Photocopy of earthquake insurance ( DASK )


+ 2 passport-size photos (3.5 x 4.5cm)

+ Birth certificate and photocopy

+ Tax number

This process can be done with the experienced help of PRATIK REAL ESTATE .